Describe a Sports Event That You Took Part in or Watched

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IELTS TOPICS Describe a sports event that you took part in or watched. You should say: what the event was (or, what the sport was) where it was who was competing what you did during this competition and explain how you felt about this event. I love to play badminton especially in the summer time. It is a game I really enjoy, so play it whenever I can get a willing partner. It is a lot like tennis, but I can play badminton anywhere. I do not have to go to a tennis court to play and I can play in between classes without getting sweaty. Badminton is played with rackets that look a lot like tennis rackets, but they are much more delicate. You should have a net, which sits high above the ground, and a ball that is…show more content…
He was wearing a silken dhoti kurta. Suddenly he tripped and his dhoti came off.That was the most hilarious moment of all. The bride and the groom also had a hearty laugh.The photographer captured it all very nicely in his video camera. Even today when we see that we all have a hearty laugh. So this is the situation when I laughed from my heart. Describe a special meal you would like to eat: What would it be? Where would it be? Whom would you like to share it with? Why it is special for you? I’ve had many special meals in my life. Some were special because of the quality of food. Others were special because of the occasion And some were special because of the people with whom I shared those meals with. Here I would like to talk about a special meal that I would like to have. It would be dinner at the Rangla Punjab section of Haveli which is a beautiful restaurant in the suburbs of my home town. I would like to share it with my best friend who is now studying in Australia but is coming next week to spend his winter vacation here. Actually his birthday next month and I would like to treat my friend to a dinner at Rangla Punjab. Dinner is very special at Rangla Punjab. It is accompanied by cultural programmes. They serve dinner with traditional Punjabi hospitality. First they serve buttermilk which is followed by salad and light snacks. Then they serve two to three types of green vegetables and some lentil
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