Describe and Analyse a Subculture with Which You Are Familiar

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Describe and analyse a subculture with which you are familiar.

The definition of a subculture is a culture within a culture where a group develops distinctive norms and values that are different from those of the mainstream culture.

The subculture that I will be writing about is called the Fan Base which is also know as the Fandom.

A fan base or fandom is a group of regular supporters and enthusiasts that spend a rather large amount of time and energy focussing on a team, musician or musical group, entertainer or any other celebrity; these different people/groups can be classed as sort of a leader or main person that holds the group together.

Fan bases do not majorly differ from mainstream cultures when it comes to values
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Also, for many fan bases there are expectations for each fan to have some form of social networking account so then they can communicate with other fans. Websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr would be the main examples of ways to communicate between fans. For music based fandoms, there is the expectation of having to be at concerts, signings, radio tours and any other events that the musician/band they follow attend.

For fan bases there is not necessarily a method for learning the groups 'rules' or norms as you become part of a fan base by simply having something common with another fan, so liking the same band or television show, having the same dedication toward a team or band and so on. This means that you are automatically accepted as part of the group, however a lot of fans get agitated when fans that are part of their fandom decide to 'move fandoms' as they see it as a sort of betrayal to their 'leader', this can lead to unruly behaviour and many arguments within the fan base itself.

This kind of subculture emerged originally in the 1960s when pop music first arrived on the scene. It was during a time when teenagers wanted to rebel against the system or just wanted be different to everyone else and this kind of music allowed them to do so. The first fan bases came about because of groups like The Rolling Stones and the Beatles, these particular groups especially had an impact on mainstream culture as many teenagers spent a

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