: Describe and Evaluate Using Appropriate Theory Your Attitude to Your Role and the Workplace Along with the Motivation

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PART 1: Describe and evaluate using appropriate theory your attitude to your role and the workplace along with the motivation.
The motivation of employee always had been a central problem for the employers, managers or leaders. The employees who are unmotivated mostly spend little or no effort towards their jobs, they try to avoid their office or work place as much as they can, they try to get the chance or opportunity to exit the office or workplace or organization and the quality of work they produce is mostly low. However, workers or employees who are motivated towards work are mostly put their effort in work, creative and productive, which lead to high quality of production or work.
I started my job as a waiter in an Indian
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8) Listening skills
9) Does what is convenient
10) Others can’t be relied on
11) Dishonest, deceiving lying
12) Blames other
13) Jealous
14) Irresponsible
15) Untrustworthy
16) Speaking skills.
Cooperative: I am pretty much cooperative and try to listen everyone problem and try to help them with their work but as I said some traits makes some negative effect on your personality. In my case people started to gain advantage of me and asking me to their jobs.
Accepts what given: it is a very important trait in a eye of a employer because a employer don’t want any of his worker to say no to him. I accepted all my challenges and did whatever they asked me for, but the negative effect of this happened they started to ask everything to me and started give hard jobs and higher post jobs with no increase in pay.
Irresponsible: they way of your working tells weather you are serious about your job or carrier or not. In my case some of the seniors aren’t responsible about their work, which affects other staff too. For example in a restaurant if their job is to take customers order and they serve them late, then from the start the customer will get upset and other staff will also suffer.
Blames Other : the main issue of the problem is when people starting to blame others, they will keep blaming each other and problem will remain as it was. Whenever I made any mistake I accepted it and made my name in good books of the owner.
Jealousy: jealousy is a kind of

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