Describe the Basis of Feminist Criminology

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The Basis Of Feminist Criminology Feminist criminology was created out of the realization that criminology from its beginnings focused on the male criminal and the unlawful acts they committed. When in the fact it could be argued female crime was studied as far back as 1800's, female criminal activity, its causes and the effects in which it placed on public opinion were often disregarded. Over the past 20 years, there has been a significantly different approach in how females are being dealt with inside the criminal justice system. This has been the result of a more broadening law enforcement effort, stringent medication sentencing laws, and post-conviction limits to reentry that would greatly influence females. While there seems to…show more content…
The response to the way women are dealt with, radical scholars agree that women turn to substance abuse and criminal activity. Marxist women's activist conjecture bridges patriarchy into the elements of free enterprise when female offenders are sentenced for property or sexual criminal activity. Socialist feminism strives to create equal roles for women as, child bearers, servants, and homemakers, so they can assume their licit place in society. Socialist feminism is a two part theory on the basis that it increases the scope of Marxist's theories and the radical women's activist theory .The extent of perception in women's activist criminology focuses on merging both society and private sectors of a woman’s livelihood and an end to the financial and the social continual pattern of a woman’s abuse.
2. Do you believe that this philosophy explains the cause of criminal behavior in women? I believe that this train of thought addresses the cause of criminal behavior in women because many viewpoints that fall under the umbrella of feminism are given as different causes of criminal conduct in women .Feminist criminology lacks evidence of a woman’s crime. Women's activist theories not only strive to elucidate criminal wrong doing, exploitation and additionally join together theory with practice to create more impartial answers for the crime at hand.
1. The victims' rights movement grew out of the

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