Describe the Factors to Take Into Account When Planning Healthy and Safe Indoor and Outdoor Environments and Services.

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1.1 Describe the factors to take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments and services.
Before starting any activity it is important that you take into account the health and safety requirements of all pupils, ensuring that the environment is free of any hazards and that pupils will be able to work/play safely. Factors which should be taken into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments and services are:
• Ratios of staff to children.
• Children’s health needs .
• Risk assessments to be carried out daily and hazards reported.
• Individual needs of each child.
• Suitable environment, security or actual environment, temperature of classrooms.
When planning for
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Furniture: Is all furniture inside the classroom in good repair and suitable for the size of the user. This will ensure that pupils are able to sit comfortable when working , maintain good postures and are not hunched over small tables. Permanent fixtures need to be taken into account, are they in good condition and securely fastened, eg cupboards, display boards, shelving. Hot surfaces such as radiators also need to be protected where necessary, to prevent the risk of burns to pupils.
Temperature: The heating should be adequate it should not fall below ……. or above ………
Basic needs: There should be access to basic needs such as, toilets washing facilities and drinking water. These need to be located close to the classroom.
Safety: All entry doors should be lockable to prevent any un wanted visititors but also allow for an easy exit in the case of an emergency.

Outdoor Environment:
Security: Any outside area used by children should be secured and boundaries regularly inspected, to ensure the safety of all pupils.
Upkeep of the areas used:
• It is important that grassy areas should be kept tidy and mown regularly.
• Hard ground should be swept and even to avoid any hazards e.g tripping over uneven flag stones.
• Rubbish must be removed daily before children are allowed to enter the area e.g litter, broken glass and animal mess.
Equipment and toys: Children
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