Describe the Major Bones, Muscles, Joints and Joint Actions Used to Perform This Movement Skill and How They Influence the Way the Body Moves. over Arm Throw

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1 . Describe the Major bones, muscles,joints and joint actions used to perform this movement skill and how they influence the way the body moves.

The overarm throw is a skill frequently used in a wide range of sports such as cricket,softball and baseball. The action is also used in athletic activities such as javelin, with the overhead serve and smash in tennis, volleyball and badminton and passing a netball and basketball.An overarm throw is the action of the arm swinging backwards then upwards, as the elbow moves close to ear level, leading the throw forward a step is taken with the foot opposite the throwing arm, during the throw, body rotates to face forward and body weight transfers from back to front foot, the elbow then
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The fibula (slender long bone that lies parallel with and on the lateral side of the tibia) crucial in the overarm throw as it works with the tibia providing support

and stability allowing the knee joint to slightly rotate the body before and while releasing the ball and lastly the tarsals,metatarsal and phalanges (comprise the bones of the foot to allow leg movement,tarsals are short bones whereas metatarsals and phalanges are long bones) work together allowing

balance of the body also flexion on the back leg when the ball is being released ending in a plantar flexion position .

A joint is a junction of two or more bones and is commonly referred to as an articulation.Without joint in the body no movement will be possible.There are three types of joints immovable/fibrous where no movements are possible(example- cranium).Slightly movable/cartilaginous joint is a joint

that permits limited movement and a freely movable/synovial joint is the joint which allows maximum movement (example- hip joint).

The joints implicated with the overarm throw are the ball and socket joint
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