Describe the Role of Magistrates in Civil and Criminal Cases

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Describe the role of magistrates in civil and criminal cases

A Lay- person in the context of a lay magistrate is a person with no legal qualifications or training in law. Their purpose is to provide experience of society and ensure that the common people’s values are represented when delivering a verdict. Most magistrates are lay magistrates and they are also referred to as justices of the peace. There are roughly 30,000 lay magistrates sitting on the bench and they usually sit in threes but section 49 of the crime and disorder act 1998 allows single magistrates to exercise certain powers when administering justice. All magistrates are appointed by the Lord Chancellor on the advice of the local advisory committees for each area. To become
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A magistrate’s role within the civil courts consists of licensing and family matters and they often deal with some debt work. most civil work includes issuing licences for pub and restaurants to sell alcohol, enforcing payment of council tax and hearing family cases about custody of children but not divorce. They will also deal with debt owed on utilities and non payment of TV licences. Some specially qualified lay magistrates will deal with issues within the youth courts; these will be most crimes except for those of a serious nature. They will try 10 to 17 year olds.
In conclusion both juries and lay magistrates play a key role within the administration of justice in this country. They both have a part to play in civil and criminal system but their role is obviously wider in the criminal court system

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of lay people in The English Legal system.
It could be said that there are many advantages to having a jury in the English legal system and it must be considered that li is the English legal system has adopted juries into their judiciary system for over 1000 years therefore it must be considered that it must have weighty benefits. It could be said that public participation is one of the main focal point for having a jury in the English legal system. A jury allows ordinary people to participate in the administration of
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