“Describe the Roles and Responsibilities of Four Members of the Multidisciplinary Team Who You Have Observed Planning and Implementing Care for One Child and Family

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“Describe the roles and responsibilities of four members of the Multidisciplinary Team who you have observed planning and implementing care for one child and family.” The majority of practitioners who work in healthcare are trained to function both independently and autonomously (Soothill et al 1995). There can be many challenges when working as part of a team, Soothill et al (1995) acknowledges this by stating, “learning to work with many different types of professionals in a multidisciplinary team can be extremely difficult” (pg 5). However, before going further, it is first of all important to define, what is meant by inter-professional working (or multidisciplinary teams)? Barrett et al (2005) states that inter-professional working…show more content…
Because of the position of the break in his bone, it would be described as a closed fracture because there was no break in the skin or visible open wound at the site of the fracture (Hockenberry & Wilson 2007). Therefore this meant that Daniel would have to undergo a closed reduction under general anaesthetic. Hockenberry & Wilson (2007) acknowledge that a closed reduction is necessary for those patients who sustain closed fractures as the bony fragments are brought together into apposition (ends in contact) by manipulation and manual traction to restore alignment. At this point, Daniel was transferred to the hospital’s specialist orthopaedic surgical ward, where he was prepared for surgery. From a brief overview of Daniel’s episode of care as a result of his sustained injury, it is very apparent to see that he came into contact with close to ten separate professionals. Following his patient journey, the first link with health care services is that of the call by his mother to the national emergency service (999). The operator who dealt with her call identified that Daniel’s injury was serious and required immediate attention. As a result of this, ambulatory services were notified and information was passed to the ambulance team concerning Daniel’s age, current condition and most importantly his home address. Upon arrival, the ambulance would have secured his leg with some sort of splint, safe enough to
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