Describe the Roles and Responsibilities of Personnel in Relation to Infection Prevention and Control in a Health or Social Care Setting

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Describe the roles and responsibilities of personnel in relation to infection prevention and control in a health or social care setting

In every Health and social care setting, each person has a certain responsibility. Each care worker should be responsible for their own actions with regard to protecting themselves and others from infection. Throughout this essay I will be discussing the roles and responsibilities of care and non-care workers, managers and specialist personnel.
In every work place there should be policies set in place. These policies come from the law and make reference to the standard that is legally required in a health and social care setting. These include Fire Escape plans, Health and Safety policies and
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Managers also inform Specialist personnel who include the Health and Safety Executive, the Department of Health and the Infection Control Doctor. The Specialist personnel such as The Infection Control Team, then inform the media if the case is in the public’s interest for example if it was a case of HIV, Swine Flu or measles. The Non-Care staff, such as a Domestic Assistant, needs to report anything they have seen or heard during work to the nurses.
The Nurses and Domestic Assistants need to seek advice from the managers and specialist personnel such as microbiologists or the Infection Control Team. They can then repeat the advice to other staff and to the family and visitors of the patient. The managers then get advice from The Department of Health, Databases and the Infection Control Team. They then give advice to the Care and Non-care staff as mentioned above.
Preadmission for example, in a nursing home is done by the manager, the patient’s GP or multidisciplinary hospital staff. It is the nurses or receptionist’s job to take the patient’s information and pass it on to the multidisciplinary team. Managers have the job of overviewing the situation. Discharges are granted by the doctor, social worker, occupational therapist or multidisciplinary team. The domestic assistant cleans the room before and after a patient, they also
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