Describe the Various Forms of Structural Design Used for Multi Storey Buildings and Evaluate the Benefits and Shortcomings of Each Essays

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• Turnkey solutions by authorized Builders • Fast completion • Wide free spans without the interference of internal columns • Easy extensions • Certified according to ISO 9001: 2000

ASTRON - THE EUROPEAN MARKET LEADER • More than 40 years of experience in steel buildings for industry, commerce and trade • a track record of more than 30 million m2 of constructed buildings • A production
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• Factory produced, high quality elements of steel and concrete • Quick erection due to dry construction, almost independent from weather conditions • Reduced overall building height due to integrated floor beams (INODEK) • Easier and lower- cost installation of heating and ventilation systems • Free spans up to 13 m

INODEK-BEAM: Integrated steel beams with a wider, non-symetrical lower flange, on which the hollow-core concrete elements are laid, are used as floor beams. Steel quality according to EN 10025, corresponding to S 355. Fire protection is easily achieved, at lower cost, by protecting only the lower flange of the floor beams.

HOLLOW-CORE ELEMENTS: Floor decking is made-to-measure and offers a smooth underside finish. • Concrete quality: C 55 according to EN • Thickness : 20, 27, 32 or 40 cm • Width: 1.20 m (cut-to-length on demand) • Spans: up to 13 m • Fire resistance: 30 - 120 min. Openings for staircases and lift wells, or for technical installations,
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