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1.0 The British Heart Foundation
1.1 Introduction
The British Heart Foundation is the UK’s Number 1 Heart Charity. Their vision “is a world where people don’t die prematurely from heart disease.” They were founded in 1961 by a group of medical specialists who wanted to give money to fund extra research to find out the causes of heart diseases. They were concerned about the number of people with Cardiovascular Heart Disease who were dying prematurely. They have been going for 53 years and have been helping people since then. They have been taking part in all events but the main one which is coming up in September is the Oxford to Cambridge Bike Ride.
1.2 Type of Business
The British Heart Foundation is a charity, so is in the tertiary …show more content…

They have been going for 95 years this year. This year (2014) Tesco and Diabetes UK have raised £10 million throughout the years since they first partnered up.
2.2 Type of Business
Tesco is a Public Limited Company which means anyone can buy shares from the stock exchange. you can buy shares on this website. Tesco has to

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