Describes The Evolution Of Parole Walter Crofton

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In chapter 4, it describes the evolution of parole. The existence of parole can date all the way back to the early seventeenth century. It began with a man named Alexander Maconochie. Maconochie “established a system of marks to be earned by each inmate based on good behavior” (Abadinsky, 2015, pg. 69). He believed that he can restructure these convicts by “punishing them for their past and training them for the future” (Abadinsky, 2015, pg. 69). Inspired by Maconochie, Walter Crofton created his own system which were very similar to those ran on Norfolk Island. The Irish system was based on four stages. Stage one included nine months of solitary confinement. In stage two, prisoners were assigned to work with other inmates in a unique prison.
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