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Describing Dunkirk On the 20th May 1940the allied troops were trapped by the Germans on the Northern coast of France. The allies consisted of the British Expeditionary Force (B.E.F), the Belgian Army and the ten best divisions of the French Army. It was on this day that Churchill gave the command for the evacuation to take place, to Britain by ship, following advice from Lord Gort (leader of the B.E.F). Rommel was advancing from the north and Degaudier from the south trapping the troops. The evacuation was organised by Admiral Ramsey and codenamed Operation Dynamo with the main objective to rescue as much of the B.E.F as possible. This evacuation began on May 27th from the beaches of Dunkirk.…show more content…
An important factor in arguing Dunkirk as a defeat is that 68,111 men from the B.E.F were killed, wounded or taken prisoner during the evacuation. The cost of replacing the B.E.F's equipment would be astronomical for the government and for their part in the evacuation the Navy suffered 243 ships sunken (including 6 important British destroyers with 19 left damaged) and the RAF lost 474 aircraft. Source 3 supports the view of Dunkirk as a British military defeat. It is a photographic source showing Dunkirk after the evacuation displaying a deserted beach littered with equipment, corpses and debris. Off the shore are broken half sunken ships with those that have become beached, one possibly a military boat and also many smaller vessels. The photograph of the dead soldiers shows military defeat as the objective was to rescue the B.E.F and would be very demoralising for the British public. The large boat could belong to the navy and would be very valuable, loss of this would be very expensive, along with the rest of the abandoned equipment. The source seems reliable as it is first hand primary evidence. It is useful for showing defeat as it displays what it looked like at Dunkirk after the evacuation. Its also backs up my own knowledge as the B.E.F lost 68,111 men and you would expect bodies on the beaches where
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