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Describing Lenin " A cruel tyrant, bloodthirsty and ruthless in his determination to seize and hold on to power"

" He devoted his whole life to the interests of working people and to the building of a better society." Which of these two descriptions of Lenin do you think is closes to the truth.

After several uprisings, demonstrations and a coup attempt, finally by mid October 1917 the Bolshevik movement gained pace and the Bolshevik revolution began between 25-27 October,as a result; the Provisinal government ministers were arrested and the 2nd Congress of the Soviets was announced. Lenin, appointed
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It would on the other hand, be untrue to suggest that Lenin did not wished to take power. He certainly did, but only till a worker's state was created, where individuals would contribute to the best of their ability and the profits would be distrubuted according to need. Lenin's life time has not allowed this to happen and with Stalin in power this was not possible.

So, although it needs imagination to say that Lenin was bloodthirsty and ruthless it is clear and not deniable that wanted power and therefore he had the control of most things . This is to say he was the 'top man', next came the seven members of the Polikburo than the Central Committies with 40 people, than the Party Congress, followed by the party with 8000 members, the Soviets which would lead itself to the working class which finally ended with the whole of society. Looking at this system, it may be suggested that Lenin basically controlled the society, all by himself, however if looked at in long-term this wasn't true, as Lenin's aim was to create a classless and a society where no leader would be necessary.

Nevertheless, it can not be declined that during Lenin's time a lot of terror and cruelty took place, although not directly under his command. This terror was probably the result or maybe

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