Describing The Current Process From The Article. The Environmental

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Describing the Current Process from the Article The Environmental Service Company which "provides collection, processing, recycling and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous materials for industrial and automotive customers" is facing a freight transportation problem. The company receives 45,000 service orders a week and is falling short in providing a quality service to all its customers. There 's a great variation in the time the field worker gets to a trash site and in the pickup time. These variations are believed to be caused due to physical size of the customer site, weather forecasts, delay at customer sites, and routing changes, which is one of their main concerns. Hence, reducing variation and improving the quality of process…show more content…
This case also highlights on how cross functional teams representing all the areas can together increase the probability of process improvements. DEFINE In this phase of the six sigma project it is important for the team to describe the problem statement explicitly. "The processes that need improvements must be identified, business case should be outlined, and a high level process map must be developed". In this case study the branch managers have identified two main issues that they wished to resolve: "improve the route review process and improve route quality". The business case stated that the routes suggested by Transportation Management System were not always feasible and it was perceived to have technical drawbacks. The errors were obvious and they adversely affected the performance metrics of the field workforce. Additionally, in the route review process the team figured that the parameters affecting the service time are customer specific and it could not be accounted directly in TMS system. Hence, they implemented The in-frame/out-of-frame tool as shown in the figure below to understand "what was within direct control of the team and what was not. Internal algorithms and the optimization logic of the TMS were considered out of frame as was the weather". To Critique This Define Phase However, the first step of the define process is to define CTQ parameters which the team failed to describe. There was no proper depiction of the frequency and magnitude of
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