Describing a Treasured Bject

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Descriptive Essay: Carter’s Drumstick We live in a society where we are surrounded by advancing technology and material objects, where many feel they are defined by their possessions (“You are what you drive, or wear, or drink, etc.”), where people feel the need to need to gloat and show off. It seems more and more seldom that our society’s inhabitants actually stop to reflect on what is really important to them, and appreciate what objects hold true meaning in their hearts and lives. Looking around, seeing everyone with a phone attached to their ear, or communicating in a virtual reality to thousands of “friends” is unsettling for many who enjoy a simpler lifestyle. Members of society are forming bonds with objects that…show more content…
These rhythms connect as well with our outer, more universal rhythms, birds, water flowing, the wind blowing. Though it is simple to make noise, it takes a gift, a talent, and a genius to truly reveal, accentuate, and genuinely connect with rhythms of one’s inner soul and outer body experiences. Carter Beauford has this gift; his music is imbued with the essence of his talent and inspiration. He is like no other, creating transcendent musical magic with that very drumstick, that drumstick which contains his mojo; it embodies strength and toughness refined to manifest beauty and truth. The very thought of being able to hold the drumstick of Carter Beauford, sends chills down Nathan’s spine. Holding the drumstick is inspirational not only because of the person from whom it was obtained, but also because of the nature of the wood, its essence, the history of the people who used it, named it, grew it, worked it, formed it and transformed it into the instrument it has become. When holding the piece of fine craftsmanship, Nathan can relax, put his troubles down, knowing there is no need to bear the weight of his worries and just let them all fall away. People come and go, stresses in life come and go, but the drumstick has been there during ups and downs, highs and lows and can always ameliorate all troubles, taking Nathan back to the very moment he received the drumstick, letting him relive a

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