Describing the Different Types of Abuse

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(Ai) Describing the different types of abuse 1. Physical abuse – This is causing someone physical harm, for example hitting, pushing, slapping, kicking etc. 2. Sexual abuse – Any form of sexual activities that a person has not or cannot give consents to or have been forced into, for example rape. 3. Emotional/psychological – This is causing some mental distress by using verbal abuse, threats, humiliation, control and intimidation. 4. Financial abuse – Taking people’s money goods or property without their permission 5. Institutional abuse - Services that fail to recognise the rights of service users and offer a poor quality of care or which tolerate ways of working which cause harm to vulnerable people. 6.…show more content…
Neglect by others: * Absence of prescribe medication * Absence of food, heat and hygiene * Not allowing client to have access to services * Dirty or unkempt appearance * Weight loss or gain. (Aiii) Actions that should be taken if you suspect an individual is being abuse: 1. Follow organisational procedures. 2. Report immediately to the correct person. 3. Record exactly what is suspect and why you come to that conclusion. 4. Keep it confidential – only disclose it to those who have a need to know. (Aiv) Actions that should be taken if an individual told you they are being abused: 1. Follow organisational policies and procedures. 2. Listen to them carefully. 3. Assume the individual is telling the truth. 4. Report it to your manager. 5. If it is a criminal matter you need to call the police. 6. Reassure the individual. 7. Do not ask leading questions. 8. Tell the individual what you are going to do and why. 9. Record exactly what the individual told you. 10. Preserve any evidence. (Av) Examples of ways to ensure that any evidence of abuse is kept safe: * Do not handle items unless it is necessary to move them and make them safe * Avoid physical contact with the victim if it is possible * Try to keep people out of the way * Keep it
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