Description, Analysis And Discussion Of Internship Essay

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Description, analysis and discussion of the internship’s activities: For my community service internship, researching innovative and interesting ideas was an everyday occupation. When dealing with seniors, or patients that suffer from different types of diseases your work, becomes much more of a responsibility because you need to find activities that can be executed by everyone and in the same time are helpful and may improve their capabilities. My community service internship was a big challenge for me and demanded a lot of hard work and researches, but it was worth it at the end of the day because I knew all the patients were having fun and improving themselves. Physical activities: • Regular Exercising and physical activities are important to the wellbeing of the human body’s physical and mental health. Although physical activity is underrated nowadays, it is a big important extent in everybody’s life in order to stay happy, stress-free and independent while aging. Constant exercising influences on your long-term health and welfare. Aside from the benefit of staying in shape, physical activity will reduce the risk of possible future health problems or disease development. Studies have shown that people who are suffering from chronic diseases for example: diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis, benefit from regular exercising. In addition to being an effective treatment for people with high blood pressure, difficulty walking, or balance problems. There are no
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