Description, Analysis And Implications Of Health Policy

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This was the executive public service joint committee meeting relative to presumptions and disabilities retirement acts for all law enforcement officers, and public higher education employees. There was lot of bills in the agenda for the hearing, which included acts relative to: Disability pension benefits and earning reports, disability in the performance of duty, disability pensions for violent crimes, violent altercations involving a law enforcement officer, the contraction of MRSA by public safety personnel, disability or death caused by certain conditions of cancer, impairment of health caused by infectious disease, retirement systems and pensions for either injured or non-injured correctional officers, defining certain disabilities,…show more content…
The implication of the hearing is that the committee did not call for the motion and said “No,” therefore, the Committee might reflect on the testimony. I also learned that although the testimony appears to be convincing, the Committee’s final motion goes through a process. Therefore, the waiting period might be challenging for the presenters. Most testimonies were very emotional and moving, it was representative of officer’s dedication and commitment to their duties. This was also the moment when I thought that forming health policies and calling for the motion could be challenging. Some officers have to transition from their ongoing job to early retirement due to violent attacks while on duty. This may lead to emotional stresses and mental disabilities. The officers expressed their emotional trauma and effects of mental disability on their family. Many testimonies were presented to plead for the retirement provisions that would support the family and officers after the act of duty. The law does not regulate disability act instantly after the civil officers are violently injured in the act of duty. Many police officers from Mass C.O.P, fire department, and Boston PPA presented their dilemma of staying home with no provision for future. The implications of not having public health provisions are high and officers were not happy. From the hearings, it appeared that
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