Description And Background Of Finman Account Management

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TFT2 Task 3 SLA Review

Introduction and background

Finman Account Management, LLC (FAM) is a business management services company with over 9000 employees in 70 offices located in 20 countries. Recently, FAM determined it could expand its national and international services by partnering with Datanal (DTA), Inc. and Minertek (MTK), Inc. As a result, FAM has entered into a service level agreement contract (SLA) with both companies to expand services to existing customers and increase market share in the process. Following is a review of the SLA to ensure that it protects FAM’s data and intellectual property (IP).

FAM Objectives

As mentioned above, FAM entered into a three year contract with DTK and MTK to expand services to existing customers; thereby, increasing market share and profits. With this in mind, Finman devised the following objectives to meet these goals:

To compete more effectively by offering customers a unified IT management plan across the organization or separate departments and divisions.

Furthermore, DTK, using data-mining software developed by MTK, will recognize and integrate common IT characteristics from disparate operations, programs, procedures, and products. In short, these objectives enable customers to reduce or eliminate duplicate, parallel systems to achieve economies of scale.

Revisions to the SLA

To start, several revisions need to occur after reviewing “A Service Level Agreement for Provision of Specified IT Services Between
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