Description And Description Of Bedside Manner

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The term bedside manner dates back as far as 1869. The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of “bedside manner” is “the manner that a physician assumes towards a patient.” The initial first step is identifying the health problems and treating the symptom. A good physician listens, learns and understands what the patient needs. Recent studies show that good eating habits create less visits to the doctor and overall help the patients personal well being. Communication is echangable in some places in substitute for bedside manner. “A physician’s bedside manner can impact professional reputation in the community, affect the loyalty of patients, and even impact effectiveness of the treatment given” (Tetrault, J.2005).
The purpose of this paper is to identify and define what bedside manner is, how influences it physicians and identify areas of communication with the patient. The notion of bedside manner necessitates analysis and investigates good bedside manner. One study showed that patients value good bedside manner and comunication skills more than clinical competence. In addition to patient satisfaction with care, good bedside manner has also been responcible in improving overall health condition. “The relevance of the physician’s behavior in medical care has been said to be of greater importance to patients than in other service professions” (Boehm, F. 2008). These new born facts have been related to the fact that the patients must reveal
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