Description And Description Of Personal Details

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personal details, physical description, identification means, occupation and skills, economic and financial information, behavioural data, contacts and associates, means of communication used, means of transport used, information relating to criminal activities, references to other data bases in which information on the person is stored and information on legal persons associated with the data referred to under economic and financial information. People working in Europol have immunity with the EU, and though it is denied by Europol authorities, the Europol police is said to be rapidly approaching the status of a European FBI. Eurodac, Enfopol and Echelon system The Eurodac (which stands for European Dactyloscopy) system is like a European register where fingerprints and other information about all asylum seekers in Europe over 14 years of age is entered and stored for a period of 10 years. All EU members currently participate in this scheme including Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. It has two exceptions: information about those who have obtained citizenship must be deleted and information about persons with formal refugee status under the UN convention is to be kept for a shorter period of time and only used for statistical purposes. This register is meant to facilitate the enforcement of the Dublin Convention that determines the state responsible for examining applications for asylum within the EU. The register also contains the possibilities for the surveillance of

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