Description And Description Of The Byron Barrel And Drum Site

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1, Site Description and History NPL site location and physical characteristics The Byron Barrel and Drum site is located in Byron Township, Genesee County, New York. To the west of it is Transit Road while a creek lies to the northwest of the Byron site. This Oak Orchard Creek, which is 1.5 miles away, is the closest body of water nearby. A small storm water drainage ditch flows from the northern border of the site to the creek, i.e. flows to the northwest, which is in accordance with the topography factor. The surrounding areas are either farmland occupied with vegetables or wooded fully. Actually, the site is directly adjacent to an active vegetable farm. The Byron Barrel and Drum site was used to be a salvage yard for heavy construction equipment. There are three buildings in the property, which is a large, metal maintenance building, the owner’s former residence, and a metal building located in the southwest. Land and Resource Use The water table beneath the site varies from 11 to 18 feet in thickness. To meet farming demands, the site is artificially drained. Groundwater flows to the Oak Orchard Creek in the northwest, away from the esker, which is highland in southern part of the property. The site is adjacent to wooded areas and farms, and the soils are extremely highly organic in fact, which has been classified as prime agricultural land by the state. When it comes to resource use, groundwater is employed as an alternative water supply for life consumption as

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