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EMC Corporation i. Introduction and Intervention Purpose 1. Organizational Overdose Consultants met with Joseph M Tucci, EMC’s chief executive, on April 22, 2014, to discuss being acquired by Dell Inc. Also present, Howard D Elias, President and chief operating officer. Joseph mentions how this could be the largest acquisition in technology and dominate the storage device competition. 2. The contract between EMC Corporation and OO is summarized in the following bulleted items. a) Assess EMC’s contractual situations and analyze the terms and conditions of services performed by Organizational Overdose. b) Review areas of the business that need structure for better performance. c) An assessment and recommendation of all areas of the business…show more content…
Richard Egan and Roger Marino founded them in 1979. EMC is ranked at 128 on the Fortune 500 and had reported revenues of $24.4 billion in 2014. (EMC, n.d.) 2. Organizational Structure a) EMC is based on a corporate structure, which is made up of four quasi-independent business units and associated product lines. Different departments that contribute to the company 's overall mission and goals. By using this structure a structure, it must be strategically thought out because it could either aid or harm the making of business. 3. Climate and Culture a) EMC is committed to becoming an “employer of choice” by creating a work force that represents diverse communities. This ensures an environment in which every individual 's contributions are valued. Recruiting, retaining, and developing a diverse, high-performing workforce that values fairness, diversity and the constant need for change can achieve this. EMC seeks out dynamic individuals, in all stages of their careers, which are interested in taking on leadership roles within a corporate environment. EMC employees’ value working in a culture where new innovative ideas are welcomed and where you are respected, empowered, and rewarded. (EMC at Glance, n.d.) 4. Mission Statement a) "We believe that information is a business’s most important asset. Ideas—and the people who come up with them—are the only real differentiator. Our promise is to help you take that differentiator as far as

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