Description And Rationale Of The Examination Of School Counselors Essay

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Introduction and Rationale I am sharing my view in regards to the article Examination of School Counselors’ Activities: From the Perspective of Counselor Efficacy and Collaboration with School Staff. In this article Atici conducted a study with nine counselors in regards to their activities, collaboration with staff members and their efficacy. I will discuss the articles strengths and weakness from my point of view. I will be sharing the outcome/results in regards to Atici’s research. I will mention the different methods I plan on practicing in my counseling program. This research paper will help me understand the importance of efficacy and collaboration with school staff. Certain techniques will be incorporated into my future counseling program. Article Strengths and Weaknesses The article had a couple of strengths within it. One of those being that it shares the different types of guidance activities a future counselor could use. Such as “conflict resolution, bullying, violence, peer restraint, personal boundaries, abuse, anger management, and harmful behaviors (pp. 2111)”. I thought this was important because it shared ideas on the different types of activities I could use with my students. It also shares the importance of collaborating with students, faculty members, and parents. The article mentions the importance of having confidence within yourself. It also shares the importance of having positive communication skills to have successful relationships within
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