Description Of A Bed And Breakfast

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A bed and breakfast is typically a guesthouse or a small hotel that offers sleeping accommodations and breakfast meals in the morning. Provided that there is sufficient resources available in designing a bed and breakfast, it would be tailored mostly around couples and romance. There will be a lot of dark red, white and perhaps a little bit of gold in the color schematics. Unlike the classical bed and breakfast that usually carry a more vintage theme, I would add a modern feel also. The bed and breakfast will be in a Victorian styled home. This bed and breakfast will be named the Love Nest, in order for potential guest to have an idea of what to expect. At the entrance, an asymmetrical garden rose petal filled water fountain will serve as a great attraction in the middle of the lawn. We will have car garages for guest that arrive with cars. There will also be cherubs on each side of the door. The doors will be made of real wood that is of a French design. As one enters, a beautiful crystal chandelier will cast over an adjoining staircase that is of the European neoclassical style. These stairs will take the guests up to their rooms. The smell in the air will be that of a light vanilla. The walls will be all white with touches of gold. The dark red will be used to accentuate the room with curtains, abstract paintings, couches, sculptures and vases with bunches of roses. There will be eight suites available and each will have its own private baths. When you enter the bedroom
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