Description Of A Commercial Quandong Orchard

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3. Results Figure 5 below shows the final result of where are the most suitable locations for establishing a commercial quandong orchard. Figure 5: Suitable Locations of Establishing a Commercial Quandong Orchard The lines with different color in the map represent different kinds of roads: the black lines are sealed roads while the brown ones are unsealed roads; the green lines are unformed roads and the blue ones are unknown roads. Also, different ranges of quandong site suitability in the map are indicated in different color too. The color from white to dark blue respectively represent the value of “0” to “1”. The areas with the value of “0.9-1” show in dark blue in the map, which are the most suitable for growing quandong. While, the white areas represent the value of “0”. They are not suitable for planting quandong at all. If dividing the map into the right part and left part, it can be seen that in the top right part of the map, most of the areas are in the color of red, orange, yellow, green, and light blue. There are sealed roads in the white areas. Most of the lower right areas are in white while some of the small areas are in dark blue and some of them are in light blue, green and yellow. The sealed roads are in both dark blue and white areas. Most of the left areas are in dark blue, light blue and green except for the top left corner are in white. Both of the dark blue and white areas have sealed roads. 4. Discussions and Summary 4.1

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