Description Of A Communication Tool For With Children Of Autism

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Description of Intervention
A widely used communication tool for with children of autism is a system known as The Picture Exchange System (PECS). This system provides opportunities for communication for children with limited or no functional speech the ability to communicate non-verbally. PECS provides children with autism to communicate non-verbally, enhances children the ability to develop a verbal communication, which limit on appropriate behaviors and enables increase socialization. PECS is composed of six phases- Phase 1), learn how to communicate, 2) Distance and Persistence, 3) Picture Discrimination, 4) Sentence Structure, 5) Answering Questions, and 6) Commenting. (Green, & Sandt, 2013) Utilizing the PAC System children are taught to approach a person, present a picture of a desired item exchange for that item. All communication that can be symbolized on a picture will facilitate communication from both the child and the person the child is communicating.

The significance of communicating cannot be understated; communication prevents misunderstandings, it provides stress relief, builds relationships, and enhances self-confidence. Children with autism are affected with limited abilities to communicate; therefore it is imperative to utilized tools and approaches to build and enhance this fundamental need. The picture exchange system provides of viable option that enhances abilities that were once thought to be nonexistent. Originally…
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