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1. Write a brief description of your company and the duties and responsibilities assigned to you. Vforce InfoTech is an exceptionally excellent company to work with. It provides great work atmosphere which makes their employees productivity shoot up. Vforce provides IT consulting and business services for mid and large scale organizations. They train their staff and employees in a way that they carry the domain knowledge added up with the expertise in various information technologies in demand, which results in perfect solutions to add value to the bottom-line of the clients. They provides services and solutions to a wide spectrum of clients such as Banking, Financial Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, E-Business,…show more content…
My role at Vforce is Salesforce Admin/Business Analyst. I help the clients improve their operational efficiency in many areas by providing good systems integration, less manual processing, better automation, decrease volume sensitivity, better asset coverage, lower operational risk by implementing regulatory and compliance modules and system improvement .I possess general knowledge of Web applications and Internet architecture as well as deep skills in Excel and Access, SQL Server database and the Salesforce Admin tool. Successful administrators come from various backgrounds, including Sales, Sales Operations, Marketing, Support, Channel Management, and IT. My responsibilities include, understanding all aspects of Salesforce configuration and technical/functional capabilities including the changes and the system impacts due to the salesforce release and upgrades 2-3 times a year. I conduct meetings with Salesforce business owner, IT systems manager, stakeholders to ensure reliable functionality need is met and to develop ongoing project plan. On a weekly basis, I educate other team members on the capabilities and potential applications of the salesforce. I develop ad-hoc reports as requested by the user groups or stakeholders for their data analysis purposes. I am responsible for managing the security settings and conduct regular security/configuration audits. I manage all new user set- ups and deactivation, including transferring
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