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What is management?
Management is the process of ensuring that an organization or company is able to operate in both the immediate and near future.
Managers are charged with making decisions that will impact an organization on every level. How you determine a good manager
A key to successful management is the relationship between the manager and his or her staff. It’s the manner in which managers manage people that separates the ordinary from the good and the exceptional.
Good relationships are based on trust, commitment and engagement, and a good manager’s essential role is to build these relationships for the benefit of the organisation, so that the tasks that are set are completed with enthusiasm, effectively, on time and with the energy to do more.

Gender roles
21st century
Sudan, personal experience, Patriarchal societies

Sexism exists in Africa although it is slightly fading in the western part of the world
Gender order; the ways in which societies shape notions of masculinity and feminity into power relationships, this differs across cultures and history.

Gender refers to the social aspects of differences and hierarchies between male and female . It’s evident in throughout the social world, shaping how we think about…
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