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A database is a collection of information sequenced and organized in such a way that the computer may be able to source and access it on demand by the operator. Like any other management system, a database management system is a collection of programs and protocols that enable the user to enter, sequence, organize, retrieve and select data on demand. Thus, a database management system (abbreviated as DBMS) can be defined as the cumulated system that helps the user to access and make effective use of a database on proper authentication.

The company chosen for analysis of database management is Amazon Incorporated. Amazon is an online shopping portal that is now listed as the 4th largest database holder, even above firms like YouTube or
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This operation does not require any human intervention and is the sole responsibility of the database management system.

Since Amazon is an international company, the customer base to be kept track of is huge and as a result, the data that is stored is also enormous. In addition to the authentication details of the user, the company also collects the following data Geographic location Search history Phone identity Online transaction information Frequency of

addition to the data requested optionally, the company stores the following data for optimal usage of the relational database services it offers. Credit card details Address of the buyer Interests of the buyer
These are stored in “graph formats” that is accessed by a “NoSQL” database developed by Amazon. This makes the company to access and retrieve the data as soon as possible. Following the many advantages the database had, the company even made the database available to companies in need in pro-rata basis.
Security offered
The company uses a 128 bit secured encryption for all the data stored in their database. The transmission of data is done through Secure sockets layer (commonly referred as SSL), which enables high level protection against data theft or tamper.
Accessing data worldwide
Data management service for an international company also refers to the ability to transfer and receive data in any geographic location provided it the recipient server is

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