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Introduction “A facility layout can be defined as an arrangement of all that is needed for production of a good or delivery of service, and a facility is a unit that enables the routine of a certain job.” (Rattan, 2012) Many companies use different layouts to accommodate the needs and wants of the company. Just think about every time you walk into a Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc... The layout is what works best for the overall customer experience. In order for a company to receive great productivity from its workers and provide the customers with a memorable experience, they must decide on the layout of the facility. Although many may believe this is a very easy process, it really isn’t!
The layout of the facility is very
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Importance Facility layout is very important to me because of its contribution to economic performance of the company or departments, and it provides a competitive advantage for me as well as the company. If the layout of the facility is not properly done, a company could lose out on money, capital, customers, investors, etc… A facility that has a proper layout would be a library. The library has areas where books are listed in many different categories, an information counter where books can be checked out or an attendant is available for questions, computers, socket outlets, printers, staplers, etc… The layout of each library is different based on the type of customers but it still maintains the overall objective which is to provide a quiet space for learning. If the layout of a library or even a hospital was not done properly, there would be all kind of chaos and confusion. In the library you would have individuals talking loudly, eating, chewing gum, and not providing the overall objective of the library. This would be the same case in a hospital. The patients would be confused on where to check in, how to get to the rooms; locate parking garages, etc… This would tarnish the reputation of the company; cause a lot of complaints, increase the wait times, loss of customers, loss of money, etc… “The basic objective of layout is to ensure a smooth flow of work, material, and information through a system. The

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