Description Of A Flight Recorder

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1. Introduction It is very difficult, when an accident occurs during a flight to determine precisely what happened for several reasons:  Most of the time, during a flight, an aircraft is not in an environment where people cannot testimony what they saw (over water, high in the sky …)  When the aircraft crashes, it is often in an area difficult to access (open sea, on a mountain, …)  When the aircraft is ready to be examined, after being recovered from a difficult crash area or after a potential fire has been extinguished, the pieces are frequently severely damaged. To be able to retrace what happened during the last moments of the flight of the aircraft, before an accident or incident, a flight recorder has been developed. The information collected by this flight recorder can help the investigation teams to understand what happened even when the aircraft is badly damaged or even impossible to use to find answers. But developing a flight recorder is not simple precisely because it has to withstand a severe accident. When an extreme fire starts after a crash for example, the flight recorder has to stay in good conditions until it is recovered by someone on the crash site. Therefore, regulations, certifications and standards have been made to ensure that this element in the aircraft has all the required properties. Nowadays, the flight recorder has an increasing role to play in investigations of accidents because of the number of passengers that can be carried on a
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