Description Of A Good Listener

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Destiny J. Collie
Ms. M. Maxwell
English 812
May 6, 2015

Someone’s a good listener? Would that someone like to care for people? A therapist has a lot of duties and responsibilities, also they require education and training, finally they get specific earnings and benefits.

Education and Training
Any type of therapist needs to have education and training. “Physical therapist are well established as providers are treatments for common painful, and disabling conditions such as knee osteoarthritis. Thus they are well placed to deliver treatments that integrate physical and psychosocial elements” (Bryant 1). Basically, physical therapists help you with your pain. And they have a lot of training. They help you with any type of pain you have but with muscles or something. “Local therapists welcomed CCHR because it helped them make their task-specific training truly context specific. Key barriers to implementation were travel time, logistical, problems partitioning walls between financing streams, and legislative procedures. Discussion” (EBSCOhost). Some local therapists have different types of methods. And some do things differently.

Duties and responsibilities
Therapists have a lot of duties and responsibilities. “Preparing reports describing patients reactions and symptoms. Revising activity programs based on an evaluation of patients programs. Conferring with a patients…
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