Description Of A Grocery Stores

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Description of the sector Grocery stores are another form of retailing, primarily focusing on selling food to their consumers, alongside non-food household products. Generally, most grocery stores will carry canned items, fish, dairy products, fresh and prepared meats, poultry, baked products, dry and frozen foods (ex. fresh fruits and vegetables) and snacks. However, while a majority of grocery stores will look and carry the same products, depending on their geographic concentration, (ex. Toronto vs. Peterborough) grocery stores will vary in size and products they will carry to fit and satisfy their consumer’s needs. For instance, in large cites like Toronto with a huge population may have grocery stores measured up to 45,000 square feet.1 While cities like Peterborough will have a grocery store size smaller than Toronto due to its smaller geography and population. Yet in today’s society, studies have shown that grocery stores sizes are shrinking to better fit their customer needs, allowing convenience for the customer. In addition to that, our world is growing more into a society, as people are more accepting and informed. With that said, grocery store now offer a variety of food (ex. International food) then they did before. Driving Forces in the Market Changing Customer Needs/Tastes In todays fast pace world, consumer needs and wants are continuously changing to better fit their busy lives. With more people accepting and informed about others, grocery stores now hold

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