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hat is SQL?
SQL is a tool used for managing database.
It stands for structured query language.
It is an example of RDBMS.

What is sql injection?
Sql injection is just like also lact like viruses .
The name sql injection itself refers injecting malware and unwanted codes to the sql database by hackers.
Hackers basically do this for running their own sql server.
Injecting malwares and unwanted codes to sql database leads to destruction of sql database tables and records and even extract valuable and private confidential information from the database tables.

Why sql injection?
Basically hackers injects malware codes to server to run their own server .

How sql injection?
It starts with injecting/sending harmful codes to the specific form fields on a website.
The best example for understanding how sql injection done is facebook where whenever you forget your password then your emailid is asked and then the email id is searched in database if the email id is found then your password is send to your email id and you then you reset your password and logged in but if it is not found then no email for resetting password will be send,somehow this is the basic mechanism of sql injection.
But this is an example to understand the sql injection is at far higher level from this example because injecting harmful codes to any desired database,for running his/her database server for destructing database ,extracting private information is purely hacking. Sql server that would retrieve

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