Description Of A Lathe Operator Safety, Accuracy And Concepts

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Defining a Lathe By-Harshdeep Singh Kalket Submitted to- Herve Carpentier Acknowledgment I would like to express my gratitude and thank everyone who helped me in completing this report. Specially, I will thank Mr Herve Carpentier and Mr Waseem our project coordinators of technical literacy for their special time, suggestions and encouragement. I would also like to acknowledge and appreciate the role of mechanical workshop staff and instructor Mr Jason Knapp for permitting me to work on the machines for my reports and also for some helpful tips. In last I would thank MIT library staff for issuing me laptops and books that I need for working on my report and the guidance given by my seniors. Abstract The lathes machines are defined in classrooms but there also somethings which might not be easily found in books and need a further research into them. This report present the definition in a more easy to understand way with some practical and conceptual knowledge which is necessary for a lathe operator safety, accuracy and concepts. There are several daily day problems faced by individuals which seem minor but can be dangerous. In this report not only the problems but their prior solutions also have been given for one’s better knowledge. Table of Contents Acknowledgment 1 Abstract 1 Introduction 2 Problems faced while working on Lathes 3 1. The centre of Independent jaw chuck (4-jaw chuck). 3 2.

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