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To achieve the above aims, a literature search was done to check to see if there is any innovation similar to this. My findings shows that there were some spoons that were designed like the one the service user was using, but there was none that had a link strap at the base of the spoon that the service users could use. I came up with the idea of linking the strap to the base of the spoon in a way that the service users could use the spoon, and at the same time drop the spoon when he wants to without the spoon falling on the floor.
The advantage of this is that the service user could take back the spoon without any support because the spoon is still within reach; therefore, the service user could continue eating with any interruption. This promotes the service user’s independence, inclusion and dignity. This was reinforced by the (DH, 2009) three year strategy Valuing People Now. In addition, the strap is available in different colours; therefore, the service user has the opportunity of choosing their favourite colour. This idea promotes the service user’s involvement in their care and choices (DH, 2009).
Figure 2 and 3 (below) shows the diagram of the spoon and the strap. The price of the spoon on Amazon at the time of writing this essay was £3.54, and the strap cost £2.50. Ryrie and Anderson (2011) argue that nurses need to know how to do an economic assessment of their innovation in this era of government cuts and savings. They proposed the use of an economic
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