Description Of A Logistics Management Specialist Job Description Essay

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Writing job descriptions can be over whelming, challenging and confusing however, Human Resource Management Specialist have expertise to assist hiring managers with job analysis which creates the foundation for job descriptions. Youssef (2015) noted, “Job descriptions identify characteristics of the job to be performed in terms of the tasks, duties, and responsibilities and serve as a benchmark for many human resource matters such as compensation, performance evaluations, training needs assessments, and promotions” (p. 64). This paper will provide an overview of a Logistics Management Specialist job description, describe two advertisement methods to recruit a potential new hire and address two methods to assess a qualified candidate.

This position is that of a Senior Logistics Management Specialist, Deputy Aircraft Maintenance Material Readiness List (AMMRL) Program Manager, in the Life Cycle Management and Computer Resources Branch, Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division, China Lake, California. The branch designs, develops, and implements configuration control, operation, and management of the Automated Support Equipment Recommendation Data (AUTOSERD) System, Automated Decision Support System (ADSS) and Integrated Logistics Information Data System (ILIDS). This position provides technical expertise in the planning, coordinating and integration of the total Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) efforts for all AMMRL Program support equipment. Significant effort is
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