Description Of A Model Case

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5. Cases: Model, Related, Contrary, Borderline & Invented
Model Case A model is a simple representation of something else. Avant and Walker 2011, define a model case as an occurrence that defines the case or idea exactly. In many instances, a model is something that the person can relate to and should come first in the study (Avant & Walker, 2011). Example of a model case: “Jason” is a 31-year-old white male that has worked on the surgical oncology floor for 5 years. He has a wife and a two-year-old son, drinks about three days a week and often yells at his wife and son. He arrives to work every day on time and his coworkers know him for his speed, organization and great time management. He is the charge nurse most nights and is currently orientating a new nurse who also knows his wife. Most days, he is very short with the new hired nurse; belittling and acting very pompous. One day, the new hire arrives to work and is visibly upset and teary eyed, Jason does not care and proceeds to his teaching process as usual. The new nurse gets fed up and proceeds to yell his faults to the entire night shift crew and even a few members of upper management. The new nurse calls him “the worst nurse ever” and states that “working together has been a nightmare”. Further elaborating that he is “a monster and evil human being because of his frequent verbal abuse directed toward his wife and son”. Jason is immediately taken back and is consumed by his guilt and shame causing him to completely
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