Description Of A Nurse At Amber Glen Alzheimer 's Special Care Center

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Parkland College English 102-025

To: Students, Parkland College
From: Blessing Atekha, English 102 Student, Parkland College
CC: Patty Flym, Licensed Practical Nurse, Amber Glen Alzheimer 's Special Care Center
CC: Angela Gulick, Professor, Parkland College
Date: April 8, 2015
Subject: Communication in Nursing Memorandum

Introduction: Since I was about ten, I have always wanted to be in the health field. My mother is an R.N and my uncle is a Nephrologist (kidney surgeon). I love the healthcare field and the thought of helping people. Currently I am a C.N.A and my major is nursing. When deciding the person to interview I knew exactly who I wanted. Patty Flym is the Nurse at Amber Glen Nursing home, which happens to be the nursing home I work at. She has been a Nurse for over 20 years and she has also worked at numerous healthcare settings. After working with her for several occasions, I began to notice how great her communications skills were with the residents. Communications the means of connection between people or places, whether at work or school communication is needed. An example of the importance of communication is found in an article by Amanda B. Brown and Jennifer H. Elder named “Communication in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Guide for Pediatric Nurses.” The authors write, “Communication is the process of exchanging information in different forms with other people. It is not limited to language, but includes non-ver- bal communication and…
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