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This photo journal assignment was very interesting and educational. It helped me look outside the box and to really relate geography to my everyday life. My first relatable topic that I came in contact with during this assignment was the process of evaporation. At Dry Creek park in Modesto, CA, I witnessed evaporation taking place in the creek. I have been going to this park for quite some time and in the summer, water levels decrease drastically. Evaporation is one of the four phases in the hydrologic cycle (water cycle). According to our Geosystems Eighth Edition book, Christopherson say, “Water travels endlessly through the hydrosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere and biosphere. [...] Currents of water, vapor, ice and energy are flowing…show more content…
Cloud falls into is the precipitation category. “Water vapor, droplets of water suspended in the air, builds up in the Earth 's atmosphere. Water vapor in the atmosphere is visible as clouds and fog” ( Precipitation the process when water is released from clouds in different types such as rain, snow, hail or sleet. My second relatable topic that I came into contact with were these beautiful stepping stones. These large stepping stones are sedimentary rock which is one of the rock types in the rock cycle. The word sedimentary means that the rocks was formed by organic minerals and different particles. This rock forming process can take many years and it starts when rocks weather and erode. This specific stepping stone that I encountered was known as “chert.” So how is chert formed exactly? According to Geoscience News and information (, “When microcrystals of silicon dioxide grow within soft sediments that become limestone or chalk [...] when dissolved silica is transported to the formation site by the movement of groundwater.” Global warming and the greenhouse effect were some of the negative topics that I researched. After further research for each topic, I became aware how I contribute to global warming. On my way to the park, I was driving my car and then it hit me. I remembered that for every gallon of gas used, our cars are accounted for 24 pounds of

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