Description Of A Physician Assistant

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As a child, I was controlled by this fear of the dark. The dark brought much uncertainty, and it always made me feel uncomfortable. The absence of light to me meant the absence of knowledge—for it was never certain what hid behind the dark. It was always a night-light in the hallway that released that anxiety in me. Nevertheless, there was nothing like the warmth of the sun in the mornings that truly brought me at ease. No matter how powerful its beams are, your eyes only allow you to see a fraction of the light the sun has to offer. I could never forget the day I discovered a whole new spectrum of light—one that affirmed my purpose as a Physician Assistant. Her smile was as warm as the Peruvian afternoon sun, causing her sun-burned cheeks to glow even brighter. Although she was responsive to my requests, she was having a difficult time making eye contact with me. I kneeled on the muddy floor making sure I could get at eye-level. Her blood pressure was the last of the vital signs needed before she was ready to see a medical provider. “Luz, can you pull your sleeve back for me and relax with your feet planar to the floor? I want to get a good reading of your blood pressure”, I said in Spanish. Here in this small village of Cachora, Peru, Spanish was all they could speak. It is times like these that made me feel so grateful for being bilingual—giving me the opportunity to speak directly to patients and provide transparent communication and care. Our triage room had
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