Description Of A Purchaser And Provider

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Describe a purchaser/provider split and whether your country’s health system has a purchaser/provider split.
Purchaser/ provider split is a situation whereby the entity that purchases health is managerially separated from the provider/ entity that delivers healthcare; usually by a third party entity/purchaser. It simply means that the service provider is not the same as the service purchaser. It can also be described as a situation whereby the duty of paying for care and delivery of care is separated; usually, and carried out by different entities/ organizations.1, Usually, there is a third party entity that manages the provider by virtue of a contractual agreements and this same party is responsible for purchasing health care which is delivered by the provider. This third party regulates/ manages and purchases the services of healthcare providers based on criteria determined by the third party organization and agreed upon with the provider in a written contract.
The Ugandan public health system largely lacks a purchaser-provider split except in the case of 15 specific communities which use the Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI). In the latter case, the CBHI is a purchaser and a separate entity which pays the provider using self-generated funds which are subsidized by the government.
In the private sector largely has a purchaser-provider split whereby the Private Commercial Health Insurance (via employer-employee contributions, and self-insurance by individuals),…
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