Description Of A Relational Database

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NoSQL is the generalized term to describe a relational database that uses no form of SQL language querying and consists of several data models to define it. My topic of this research paper is the Document Store data model. I will be covering the introduction of the model and its mechanics, how and when the model emerged, its strengths and weaknesses, and it’s real world applications.

Introduction and How it Works

Document Store or “Document-oriented database” is a data model within the NoSQL family, made for storing, retrieving, and managing document based information. The concept revolves around documents containing large amounts of data. A variety of documents are accepted, from there they are encapsulated into an internal format, and
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Both use the Document database concept, but differ in it’s process and tools. Julie Lerman explains in her article “What the Heck Are Document Databases” that Raven DB was written for the Microsoft .NET Framework and growing in popularity.

Model Emergence

In the 1970s, relational databases were introduced with data schemas simple and straightforward, conceiving objects as sets of relationships. as mentioned in the Document Database webpage “an article object might be related to category (an object), a tag (another object), and a comment (another object)”.
These relationships between different types of data were defined in a database schema, the relational database could be queried with a standard Structured Query Language (SQL). These SQL based databases require a fixed amount of tables, a fixed amount of columns in each table, with each column represent a fixed data type (integer, string, etc). Consequently fields of data stored in each column must comply with the structure of the database and its tables. whatever data you want to store must be known to create an appropriate database schema, this is the concept behind relational databases.
NoSQL was created to remedy the architecture of relational databases, to make the schema more dynamic and ever expanding. With the emergence of cloud computing, unstructured data such as social media posts in need of storage, and Agile development practice, The Document
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