Description Of A Safe Job Procedure Essay

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Alpine Construction Company S A F E J O B P R O C E D U R E F O R F I T T I N G & U S E O F H A R N E S S E S & S E L F R E T R A C T I N G L A N Y A R D S SAFE JOB PROCEDURE FOR FITTING AND USE OF HARNESSES AND SELF RETRACTING LANYARDS PURPOSE A Safe Job Procedure (SJP) is one of the Administrative Controls that we use to manage the existing or potential hazards that are identified in our operations. This SJP is a step-by-step instruction of how to fit and use harnesses and self-retracting lanyards. The purpose of this SJP is to provide a safe work environment, ensure uniform operational procedures and techniques, and to meet Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) legislative requirements. This SJP will give our employees and contractors a structure within which to safely work at heights when a harness and a self-retracting lanyard is required. This is especially important for critical tasks. SCOPE At Alpine Construction we will be diligent to integrate our safety program into every aspect of our business. One way in which this will be done is through the SJP process. This SJP provides practical guidance on how to meet the requirements under Section 2(1a) of the Alberta OH&S Act in relation to the health and safety of workers and Part 9 of the Alberta OH&S Code (fall protection). ALBERTA OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE In accordance with Section 2(1a) of the Alberta OH&S Act, also known as
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