Description Of A Tall Man In 1458

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The man in 1458 who left an unpaid bill at the Withered Arms Hotel must be a tall man that is right-handed and is well groomed. A short man wouldn’t be able to reach the upper right hand corner without using a ladder or stepstool. Therefore; the man in 1458 must be about six feet tall because in the picture he wrote in the upper right hand corner “ RR-342-7272 3:40”. While searching for John Smith you should look for a man that is six or seven feet tall. A man that has no facial hair would not need to use a shaver. The man in 1458 must have had facial hair because in the picture it shows that there was a shaver that had been used recently. John Smith must have shaved his facial hair off. So while looking for him look for a man who is well groomed.
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