Description Of A Tour Operator

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A tour operator is a company that organises and prepares an itinerary for a particular customer, for example a tour operator’s product would be charter flight, transfers to and from the hotel and the services of a rep. A tour operator’s job responsibility varies throughout the year depending on the time of the year it is. The role of a tour operator includes handling bookings, invoicing and tickets, providing pricing information, visiting resorts, confirming bookings, marketing holidays and much more. The EU package travel directive defines a tour operator as ‘Tour operators can be any person, who, other than occasionally organises, packages or sells or offers them for sale either directly or throughout a retailer’. The EU travel directive has demands for on the business for package sales and this includes tour operators. The demands for this are that the company selling a package holiday to the consumer must give the customer a refund of the holiday they have booked if the company goes bust. Also if the customer is on holiday then the company must guarantee the customer a way back home. Task 1 (LO1 1.1) - Different types of tour operators There are many different types of tour operators that specialise in different products for customers which include outbound, domestic and incoming operators, specialist operators and direct sell operators. Outbound An outbound tour operator specialises in providing travel services to foreign countries an example of an outbound tour
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