Description Of A Toy Energy Investigation

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Name Mohammad Abuabeeleh

Real toy energy investigation – you must choose a real-life toy and qualitatively describe the energy transformations that occur in its operation (for example: in a music box, a dial is turned to wind up a spring. You are doing work to wind the spring, which is stored as elastic potential energy of the music box. After the dial is released, the spring unwinds and converts its potential energy into kinetic energy of the ballerina.)

Toy chosen:
The toy chosen is the Surfhover board

Description of how toy operates:

The toy operates through the use of electric energy. It is a toy that moves on top of the water.

Description of the energy transformations: (what types of transformations occur and during which parts of the operation of the toy)
The energy transformations is when it is on water it is potential energy and when it moves it is kinetic energy.
Group Number/Name Mohammad Abuabeeleh Class period 4th period

Today you will be designing a toy with your group that appeals to 3-10 year olds. It must be reasonable cost, not dangerous, and involve transformations of energy.

You will need to identify the energy transformations in the operation of this toy, and calculate the energy requirements for it to operate to specifications.

Before the end of class, the following will need to be submitted:

You will submit two packets (1 and 2) paperclipped together

1. THIS SHEET stapled to the front of your packet as a cover sheet

2. Each

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