Description Of A Trainer Interview

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Military Trainer Interview There are several different types of Trainers that exists within the military. All of which are important in nature. The particular trainer I will be interviewing is a Chemical Warfare Trainer. Soldiers specially trained and assigned to the job of a Chemical Warfare Trainer has the job of training military solder how to prepare and protect themselves from different chemical agents that may be used against them in an attack. The trainer is well versed in the different types of agents used, the lethal value of the agents and how to protect military soldiers against them. I. HOW TO TRAIN AGAINST CHEMICAL AGENTS A. Have the proper people in place to carry out the mission B. Evaluate the different methods 1. Look for well-established leaders 2. Note important statistics II. PREPARE TRAINEES A. Give assessments of current knowledge 1. Choose those that can help with training a. Describe the mission (1) Through Planning (2) Understanding resources b. Describe the challenges 2. Include important details a. Delivery and Physical Properties b. Protective Equipment B. Over garment III. COMPILE INFORMATION A. Chemical Detection Paper B. Nerve Agent Antidote C. Biological attacks 1. Learn and secure knowledge of how to counter act 2. Counselor and train on these different methods The purpose of my research is to find out the Military strategy in which they use to prepare for Command and Control Leadership in an emergency situation.
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